My name is Craig, my gaming alias is Player One hence the blog name. I chose this name because I was in fact the first person to ever play video games in the world thus making me player number one. Don't sit there and call me a liar because I'm only 25 and there were video games before that. I don't lie and I have proof from the guys in the labs saying that what I just said was true. Don't believe me? Don't care because I believe me and that's all that matters. If you do decide to follow my blog, you will notice I go off on tangents about fairly random things and just plain rant about crap occasionally. You have been warned.

I mainly play PC games, because I have one and am too poor to buy any consoles at the moment, I did have a PS3 but had to sell it to afford Christmas, I shall get it back eventually. As I am on about consoles, I am more a fan of old school consoles like the SNES and Mega Drive. Two of my favourite consoles to this day which I still happen to have and occasionally still break out for a little nostalgias sake.

Modern games I do play are primarily shooters, be it first person or third person, I don't mind. I am more of a single player guy than multiplayer. Although I am a fan of pretty much anything Valve with the likes of your Team Fortress and Counter Strike, there are a few good original Half Life mods I still enjoy aswell the main two being 'Sven Coop' and 'Science and Industry'. If you haven't played either of them I suggest you give them a download. They are definately worth it even if they happen to be a little dated.

If we head away from the shooter type games and over to the RPG corner I prefer them Final Fantasy like where you have your random encounters and battle screens. In the same-ish corner we also have MMO's, I have dabbled in a number of them over the years but the only one I truly got into was Guild Wars and as you guessed I am more than looking forward to Guild Wars 2, which seems to be looking frankly quite spectacular, just waiting on that beta key to appear in my email box.

I will right about pretty much whatever games I find interesting which makes sense really as this is my blog. You will be seeing reviews and opinions of games in my massive backlog of games I have on Steam. So be prepared for quite alot of old(ish) games being talked about, also I never buy games brand new, I always wait until Steam puts them on sale, which allows me more gaming for my money. I don't want to spend £40 on one new game when I can wait a couple months and get 3-4 for the same price. I guess that's the empty wallet in me talking there though as if I had the cash I would quite happily throw it about every time a new game came out.