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Feel free to add me on any of the following aswell,.

Quake Live: P1ayerOne
Steam - I'm always online here if you need to catch me for whatever reason.
Desura - Started using this because all these indie bundles I've been buying are taking up my Steam library.
Gamertag: p1aayer 0ne (this is mainly for GFWL, though ocassionally use it round my brothers on his Xbox, I know the majority of people dislike GFWL but I plan to out gamer score everyone I know that has xbox purely by playing PC games). It shall be done...eventually.

I have a twitter, facebook and a steam group for this blog. I always forget to update my steam group though, so I don't know why I still have it to be honest. Anyway on to the point of this page links and stuff:

These guys are partly the reasoning behind me starting this blog along with the fact that I was bored an unemployed. The guys over there are pretty cool, head over to their forum and say hey.

May Contain Spoilers
Came across this little blog when he did a piece of an indie bundle I forget which.

Backlog Journey
Pretty much the same deal as May Contain Spoilers. Found this due to an indie bundle of some kind

This is a site where you can input data about what games your playing, how far through you are, what achievements you've done. At the moment you do have to manually put all this in to your profile. It would be cool if they could get some sort of app to look at all your different gaming accounts and throw them all in to one.

Going to throw some indie bundle goodness your way as well. At the moment have only came across 4 different places that do them, I'm sure there may be more but I haven't found them yet.

Indie Royale
Humble Bundle
Indie Gala