Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Gaming Etiquette: Playing your part

I have noticed a few things that have been annoying me recently mainly in Team Fortress but I'll talk about Left 4 Dead first. Basically it is just the amount of times I have been teamed with people that do not help you when you get incapacitated or in trouble with hordes when you are near a safe house. Instead of coming out to give you a hand they just let you fight your way out of it or die. I'm sorry but it's a co-op game, therefore aren't you meant to help out your team mates when they get in trouble. Yes, this will guarantee that you make it to the next part of the campaign, but it annoys the crap out of me. You are supposed to help out and get the entire team to the end not just one person. Along with this I have had a number of games where team mates have just been pure ass holes and shooting you, by this I don't mean accidentally shooting you while you are surrounded by a horde and they shoot you while thinning out the zombies attacking you, that, while it is slightly annoying especially if you have low health, is acceptable as they were just trying to help out and I will be the first to admit I have done this on a number of occasions as some times you aim is having an off day or whatever. My point is recently I have had people coming in the safe room while preparing and just shooting you quite blatantly, I'm sorry but wtf. If you are going to play games where you need to rely on team mates don't be a dick and team kill.

Now we will get on to the matter of Team Fortress. There are 3 classes I am going to complain about and I shall start with the Engineer, the amount of people that walk idly by damaged and or sapped buildings and don't even think about repairing it, I play engineer quite often and at the start of maps if there is another engineer on my team I will always build up their buildings before even thinking of setting up mine, I think it is better to have one fully upgraded sentry rather than 2 or 3 level one sentries, along with teleporters as well. While I am not saying you have to do this and by all means get your stuff up first, but when you have give others a hand with theirs. Hell even if it is just upgrading a tele entrance which hasn't yet got exit so when it does go up it will be level 3 and much more helpful. If you do choose to play engineer don't be that guy who does nothing but sits hidden behind his sentry constantly hitting it, I have seen people sat constantly wrench a sentry even when there are absolutely no enemy in site. This isn't any help at all, if anything do some defensive scouting, and patrol your base and see where the enemies are coming possibly weaken them before they even get to your sentry making them easier to kill.

Next we have the medics. If played right they are the most useful of all the classes. If not like in damn near every game the healer will get blamed. My main beef with medics is pocket medics for heavies and while this is fine even when you are playing pocket medic, you should still heal people near by that need healing. There has been a couple incidents lately which is why I am bringing this up where a medic has been healing a heavy while in cover and I am retreating to get out of the line of fire and get some health and ammo back, I call for the medic as I am practically dead and does he heal me? No he doesn't, he sits there continuing to heal this heavy that hasn't even ventured out into the war zone yet. If you are going to play medic, heal the people that need healing most. Sure heavy medics are a great combination and can kick some serious ass but for the love of god they have 300 health they can hold their own for a few seconds while you heal other people that need it.

And last but not least we have the Pyro they have annoyed me for years. The main dig I am having a go them for is the severe lack of spy checks they do, this is especially annoying when I am engineering it up. All it takes is a little puff of fire on your way to doing what ever it is you are going to do. While of course it is every ones job to spy check, it is a hell of a lot easier for pyros as they just set them on fire for everyone to see. Another thing that bugs me about them is the fact that very few of them realise that with a lot of the flame throwers you have secondary fire that is a burst of air which allows you to put out fires. The amount of times I ran towards pyros on my team whilst on fire hoping to be extinguished and died because they didn't is ridiculous.

I think that will do for todays rant, and I will return with another when something else pisses me off while I'm playing something. Thank you and good night.