Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Round 1 goes to Mojang

While I am not the biggest fan of Mojang or the 'Elder Scrolls' series I have been following the law suit over Mojangs new game named scrolls. In case you haven't been following it basically Zenimax (Bethesdas parent company) have been involved in a law suit lately in dispute over Mojangs newest game named 'Scrolls' which apparently is infringing on Bethesdas trademark for 'The Elder Scrolls' series. Which in my honest opinion is a complete and utter load of shite as by that logic if anyone every decides to name their game 'The' or 'Elder' for some stupid reason (possibly to agitate Bethesda and co) that would also be infringing 'The Elder Scrolls' trademark. Anyway I'm not here to get into a rant about the stupidity of this case. Merely to point out that Mojang have won an interim injuction allowing them to keep the name of their game as 'Scrolls'. While Bethesda can appeal hopefully they will just drop this ridiculous case. Either that or take up Notch and his Quake Deathmatch challenge, as I believe all law suits in the gaming industry should be settled by gaming.