Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Orcs Must Die!

A downloaded a demo of this game earlier today. It is a 3d tower defence game, the basis of the game (and all tower defence games for that matter) is you kill stuff until you have have enough money to buy more things to kill stuff with. Most of my tower defence experience has mainly been top down web games such as Bloons Tower Defence, I have spent many, many hours playing that game. Anyway getting to my point I never have really experienced a 3d version well maybe with the exception of Monday Night Combat which kind of is but with a multi player aspect thrown in for good measure which is pretty fun. Anyway I downloaded and gave the demo of it a shot after reading about it somewhere I honestly can't remember now.

The demo consists of three levels, each one unlocks a new trap to use in the next which I will go into in a minute. Each level you have to hold off hordes of Orcs would you believe it, and the character you play as starts off with a set amount of money and time to prepare your defences. You get to choose a selection of what you will use to defend with, in the demo you get a sword, a crossbow, spike trap, tar pits, arrow traps and exploding barrels, the last two mentioned are unlocked after completing level 1 and 2. It does give you a little taste of the game, and after finishing the demo which didn't take all to long being 3 levels long, it did leave me wanting more.

It is a great fun little game that needs both planning and strategy, I think I will be getting the full version of this when it is released which is the 12th October in Britain. It will cost £11.99 on Steam which considering the amount I can see me playing it is well worth the money I believe it is available on Xbox as well. I release this isn't the first third person tower defence game but it is however my first. Below is an interactive trailer to give you and idea of what the game is like.