Friday, 21 October 2011

Doom 4 Postponed

An unnamed source have told Kotaku that 'Doom 4' will be "indefinitely postponed" due to the disappointing launch of 'Rage'. I have yet to play Ids latest IP but it was plastered all over the news about the poor state of release, especially on the PC side of things. Anyway this is apparently due to Zenimax and Bethesda who believe this has demonstrated "a serious lack of confidence in the project management at id". The guys at Kotaku have contacted Bethesda and are awaiting feedback about the whole situation and will no don't post something about it the moment they hear back from them.

It is a shame as I would like to see a new Doom game in the works. My question is if Id have no new IP in the works what are they going to do, while they still have Rage to patch up and sort out but what are the future plans for Carmack and co.


We have had comments from Bethesdas Pete Hines stating that no game in development has been postponed.

"We don't comment on unannounced games and DOOM 4 hasn't been announced (though I appreciate that id has previously referenced DOOM 4)," Hines said. "Games are done when they are done and no title under development at id has been postponed – indefinitely or otherwise."