Saturday, 8 October 2011

Left 4 Dead Custom Maps

Recently I downloaded a shed load of custom campaigns for Left 4 Dead 2 and will be playing through all of them and posting up my thoughts on each one of them along with footage of me playing through them. Below I will write a list of each one I plan on doing and will include links to my write ups once they are done. I will start off with 'Two Evil Eyes' and continue down the list as it is, as that is how they are ordered in game for me, so it will be simpler to keep track. One last thing all these maps can be downloaded from and if you need a how to about installing them here is the link.

Two Evil Eyes
The Dark Parish
Left Behind
Blood Tracks
City 17
Dark Blood
Dead Before Dawn
Dead On Time
Dead Series
Dead Aboard II
Death Sentence
Detour Ahead
Die Screaming II
Gas Fever
Golden Eye 4 Dead
Haunted Forest
Highway to Hell
I Hate Mountains
Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Zombies
Kokiri Forest
One 4 Nine
Let's Build A Rocket
Left Or Right
Left 4 Mario
Military Industrial Complex II
Dead Flag Blues 2
N. O. Meltdown
No Parking
Night Of The Living Dead
Resident Evil Outbreak
Precinct 84
Questionable Ethics
We Don't Go To Ravenholme
Vague Reminders
Run To The Hills
Salt Hell Park
Source Of Infection
Suicide Blitz 2
The Return Of The Jockeys
Tour Of Terror