Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Immortal Scorpion DRM

Recently PC gamers have been pummelled with ridiculous amounts of DRM that hurt and piss off paying customers, while pirates get away with hassle free with no restrictive bloatware (I'm looking at you Ubisoft) . The guys at Croteam have come up with quite the ingenious DRM system to protect they're latest game Serious Sam from pirates. Anyone that gets them self a pirated copy of the game will be harassed throughout the game by an immortal scorpion which will follow you on your journey through the hordes of enemies in this game. I fully support stuff like this, if you want to deter pirates from pirating do things like this that will make them more likely to buy the game so they don't die every two minutes, instead they'll die every 5 minutes, (this game is ridiculously hard). This is how DRM should work, none of this you have to be online every single second or we will stop you playing shite (again looking at you Ubisoft). Below is some footage of the annoying scorpion bastard.