Tuesday, 13 December 2011

New Humble Bundle

If you don't know what the Humble Bundle is, it was set up to raise money for charity by sell a random assortment of indie games for what ever price you found fit. The amount you pay can be literally anything and can be split between the developers of the game, the charity and the guys at humble bundle. 

As an incentive for you to pay more they give you an extra game or two if you pay over the average price paid, most of the times I've noticed it's been round about $5-10. Considering if you bought these games separately it would cost about £100, it's quite a ridiculous bargain.

This bundle includes: NightSky, Shank, Super Meat Boy, Bit.Trip Runner, Jamestown, Cave Story+ and Gratuitous Space Battles. The last two games you get if you pay over the average which stands at $4.58 at the time of me writing this. I will be getting this bundle on Tuesday when I get some money. I dunno how much I will pay yet but I will do more than the average. So if you want to pick up a few new games to keep you occupied in the up run to christmas send a few quid there way. There is only 14 days left on this offer so get in while you can.