Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Lineup for WWE 12 announced

I'm not a massive follower of these kind of games, or any sport games either really. Which is probably why I only buy them every few years, it's practically the same games every year just with an updated roster, there is no point buying them yearly in my opinion. But as the last wrestling game I bought was the original Smackdown Vs Raw for the PS2, I'm not sure how long ago that was and frankly can't be bothered to look it up. Anyway I'm getting to the point of this post which is the announced line up for the game. It will of course have some of the old times featured with the likes: Steve Austin, Ricky Steamboat, Kevin Nash, The Road Warriors, Vader and of course we can't forget Mr Vinny Mac, who will all be making an appearance. I think it's about time I got a new wrestling game so I think I may just give this a purchase. If you want to see the full line have a look here.