Saturday, 20 August 2011

Battlefield is picking on Call of Duty

So EA has been trash talking about the Call of Duty predicting the game will collapse in 2-3 years and saying they hope CoD will rot from the core. (which probably has been taken out of context). Anyway the CoD guys don't seem to happy about this. I agree with this to a certain extent, from what I got from these comments is that EA is being a bit of a twat. Friendly competition is fine and good for businesses and should push them to be better, look at ATI (sorry AMD) and Nvidia they constantly are trying to out do each other. But they seem to be wishing failure on the Activision product.

At the end of the day Call of Duty isn't all that bad of a game, more than likely why it is been about for like 8 years now. It's one of those games that doesn't take long to get used to, one you can just pick up and play. It is a game for the casual masses I would say. That's right I said it's a casual game, and it is. It is a casual shooter, (granted it does have a competitive side with MLG and all that kinda shibbang), my point being it's one of those games you can kill half an hour before going down the pub or whatever else you may have planned. It is alot easier to get into than say Battlefield. I am talking of my experience of Bad Company 2 here, that game took me ages to get into the multiplayer. Battlefield is a more technical, more realistic game, it's got alot more to it than you just foot soldiering around like CoD, which is why alot of people say BF is a better game than CoD. I can see the reasoning behind that but it's all preference isn't it.

One thing that does annoy me is the amount of flaming and trash talking between gamers, it's not like it used to be alot of it is purely insults and nothing else. Banter is one thing but being a dick is another. You then get all the people who say CoD is killing creativity etc in the industry. Why do they make yearly releases of a game? First off because people buy them, just like they have done with many other, damn near every sport game you can think of, if sports games can throw out a new game every year only with a few minor tweaks why can't other games. And it's not like Cod is the only military shooter out there if you dont like it you have, Battlefield, Red Orchestra, Homefront, ARMA, Americas Army and Ghost Recon to name a few, all of which are good games in there own right. I frankly am sick of seeing reviews of new shooters coming out pretty much saying its not CoD so it must suck. Homefront is an especially good case for this. Yes it had some technical difficulties with the multiplayer on release, (because that never happens with more well known franchises does it now. I do love sarcasm). The game it self was quite good. A slightly futuristic military shooter with a decent story (albeit a bit short). But until the ending of the game I thoroughly enjoyed it and do hope they make another Homefront game. Hopefully they will learn from the mistakes of the first game and improve on it if/when they do make a sequel. The game was decent but because everyone compared it to Call of Duty, it kinda flopped on the review side of things making people not want to play it. I bought it purely because of these reviews, if someone says a game is crap I will purposely go out and find some good in it.

Anyway back to my original point: EA are being a dick, like I said before competition and banter is fine being a bonafide twat isn't.