Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Orcs Must Die 2 Announced

Orcs Must Die! was one of my favourite games from last year. The idea of it is so simple but the outcome was such a fun little game. Now Robot Entertainment have announced that they will be making a sequel including all your favourite traps and enemies from the first game and many new ones as well. Not only will Orcs Must Die 2 will have a single player just as it's predecessor did but it will include a co-op mode so you can trap along side you buddies. This is probably one of the biggest complaints about the first one, the fact that it was purely single player. I didn't mind this as like I said before I loved this game and picked it up for a mere couple of quid on a steam sale some point last year, have to say was the best £3 I spent last year. I am looking forward to see a sequel to this game and hope it is good as the first. More information about the game can be found at the games website.