Thursday, 1 March 2012

Payday: The Heist Free Weekend

The Overkill guys are having a free Payday: The Heist weekend allowing you to play the game in full for free (who would have guessed) until Sunday at 1PM PST. This game is a 4 person co-op game where you have to pull off heists such as Bank Jobs, Diamond heists and escort missions. It is a awesome little game, which I haven't played for a couple months now, but I bought it on release and played so much of this. If you can get three of your buddies to play along with it is definitely a much better experience than playing with either bots or randoms on the internet. Along with it being a free weekend to try out the game, it is also available to buy at the discounted price of £7.49 or £22.49 for a four pack of the game, 50% of the usual price. I would definitely suggest picking this up, or at least give it a play over the weekend. This has also reminded me that I still have a draft write up of my thoughts of the game to finish off for this game I started a few months ago, I get distracted and forget about stuff, so I will get that done in the near-ish future (hopefully).