Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Games That Need a Reboot

A while ago I found my self once again on the internet looking at random stuff as you do. I don't remember how I cam across it but I found but I came across a video on youtube of Brutal Sports Football. I loved this game and remember playing it back in the day on my old Amiga. Then I started thinking that someone should remake it. The nearest I can think of that has came close is Blood Bowl though that is a little too turn based for my likings. What I want is something that would combine some kind of American Football game with murder basically. That is pretty much the basis of the original game, you could win by either scoring the most within the time limit or you could just decapitate the opposing team. Someone really needs to remake this game.

This got me thinking over the next few days about other games that should get a reboot and I came up with another 4 games I would love to have a sequel. First one on my list is 'The Lost Vikings'. This game I think could do brilliantly if rebooted in to this generation of gaming. While the first two Lost Viking games where side scrolling platformers. If a sequel was to be made it would be cool to see it as a 3D platformer mixed in with Portal 2 puzzle solving co-op.

Carmageddon is next on the list that I would love to see a remake of. Next to Burnout it is probably my favourite racing game of all time. Racing around while running down zombies and trying to wipe out your opponents, what's not to love. I did find a game last year named Clutch which is pretty damn close to Carmageddon. Down the same road as Carmageddon we have Road Rash, a violent motor bike racing game which I don't think we have seen since the first playstation. My first experience of this game was Road Rash 2 on the Mega Drive which I spent many hours trying to get the best bike available, I got it a few times but that was due to me leaving the console on over night so I could continue my game the next day as we couldn't save games back then. It would be cool to see a reboot of it.

Last on the list is actually a series of game rather than one game in particular. The games I am on about are Desert Strike, Jungle Strike and Urban Strike. All of which are pretty much the same game except from the location and I reckon you could figure out what type of locations the games are set in due to the names, so I won't go in to that. The basis of the games is that you are a attack helicopter pilot and have to fly around doing missions such as destroying tanks, SCUDs, nuclear reactors and rescuing prisoners of war and hostages. It was a top down perspective game. I reckon if remade today you could make it a third person perspective, you could definitely make it a good looking game out of this. It would just be a change from the majority of games out there at the moment.