Saturday, 3 March 2012

Is 'Ripping Off' a Game Really That Bad?

IGN did an article named 'A History of Gaming's Most Shameless Rip-Offs'. After reading it I did the stupid thing of actually reading comments on a IGN piece. I think they have killed off a couple of brain cells, anyway that's beside the point and I should know by now that IGN comments are full of trolls. Moving swiftly on to my point, the majority of people seem to think that 'ripping off' games is a bad thing. I am not going to deny that a lot of games released have been near enough carbon copies of other games with slightly altered art work, to say that certain games are any more than that is ridiculous. Does that make whoever copied these games in the wrong? I wouldn't say so.

Say I was to start learning to develop games, I more than likely wouldn't start creating my own games straight away, I would attempt to recreate games that all ready exist, and if I did that it would be work that I actually created so is it wrong that I try to sell it? Again, I wouldn't say so. If I was to create a pong like game and attempted to sell it, I wouldn't see it as ripping off the game. Obviously I wouldn't say that the concept of the game was my idea, only that is was my recreation of the game. I can't remember who said it but 'imitation is the sincerest form of flattery'. All these games stated in the IGN article are doing exactly that. Recreating a game that already exists shouldn't be looked down upon as a lot of people seem to do. These developers may start off replicating games but they may just move and to create that next big game you love. So at the end of the day just let developers develop. It is their job and/or hobby after all. Today they may be making a 'rip off', but the knowledge and experience they get from making them may lead to making that next big title tomorrow.