Monday, 22 August 2011

Epic still shunning PC.

Gears of War 3 is never going to be released on PC, not too much of a surprise but still a little disappointing

Mike Capps told Bit-Gamer at Gamescon 'It's a decision to focus on the market majority'.

'It was a choice. In that amount of time we could have done one big Xbox 360 update for Gears of War 3, or we could have made a PC port. It was a matter of priorities.'

I disagree somewhat with this being a PC gamer. There are alot of guys who game on PC that would love Gears to be ported. Gears could of done well on PC if first off the did a decent port of the original game and if it didn't use GFWL (I don't mind it but it puts alot of people off, but I'll not get into that rant now). It could do well on PC if they made good ports of the game and if we didn't have to wait ages after the console release.

So yeah, it seems they are in it for a quick buck, which is fair enough they are running a business after all. But it would make sense to widen the market especially as it was PC gamers that got them to where they are today. Now they are big, they don't seem to care. It's almost a middle finger to the guys that made them. Yeah so PC gamers don't matter anymore because Xbox will make more money. The last decent PC game they made was probably UT 2k4. It wouldn't be that bad if it was because a PC port would be interferring with a new game they are working on. But no its because we can patch the Xbox version. I actually want to play the likes of Gears but as I don't have an Xbox and won't be able to afford one in the foreseeable future, I can't. So thank you Epic, thank you so much.