Monday, 15 August 2011


Steam happened to have a offer on the different Oddworld games. I would of got them all if funds allowed but only had enough for Abe's Oddysee. I remember playing this years ago and loving it and I think I still have a disc of it about somewhere, god knows where it is though. I do love the old side scrolling type games. Anyway I had a quite shot on it earlier, it's probably because I am still getting used to the controls and such. It is alot harder than I remember, either that or I was much better at gaming back when I was 12, whose to say. Also what I don't remember was it has cutscenes, or at least an starting video explaining the story a little. Considering it came out pre 2000 its actually quite good graphically.

In the game you play Abe, I know who would of thought, he is a slave worker at Rupture Farms, he has been all his life along with many other Mudokons (his race). Rupture Farms is owned by Molluck the Glukkon (the bad guy) and is the biggest meat processing plant on Oddworld. Abe has worked and worked and managed to be the current Employee of the Year, apparently slave labours have there favourite slaves. Rupture Farms is getting into difficulties financially as the ingredients of there 3 products: Scrab Cakes, Paramite Pies and meech Munchies, are running out. Abe being the good hard working little slave that he is was working late one night, and ends up nearby the Board Room where various Glukkons are talking about this situation. Molluck comes up with a great idea of using his Mudokon slaves as there next product, grinding them down into what he named Mudokon Pops. Abe is obviously not having any of this and decides to make a break for it and escape the factory which enslaves him. After his daring escape Abe sees a large moon in the sky, with its face in the shape of a Mudokon handprint, signifying the Mudokons as the "chosen people". Abe suddenly falls down a cliff, smashing his head; as he lies on the ground, BigFace appears before him in a vision.
BigFace sends Abe on a quest to rescue his enslaved brethren and "restore the lost land". He cannot accomplish this feat without first completing the spiritual trials of the Monsaic Lines and Mudokon temples. Abe journeys into the Monsaic Lines, from where he travels to the forests of Paramonia and the deserts of Scrabania. In each land, Abe completes the tests of the respective temple; after each one, BigFace gives Abe hand scars, one representing the Paramites and one representing the Scrabs.
Once Abe has both scars, he can become the Shrykull, an all-powerful demigod creature. The Shrykull stands outside life as a dualistic god, of creation and destruction, and of fear and love. With this power, Abe returns to RuptureFarms, rescues his Mudokon brethren and comes close to shutting it down entirely.
Abe is surprised, captured, and bound so he cannot chant to invoke the Shrykull. It is at this point that he first appears in captivity at the start of the game. As Molluck enters the prison cell and prepares to drop Abe into a meat grinder, BigFace holds a meeting with freed Mudokons at the Monsaic Sanctum.