Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Borderlands 2

I've not really been paying to much attention to news of Borderlands 2, I did enjoy the first game except the ending, it was a bit disappointing , I've still got some DLC to play for it aswell which I must get round to playing. I found a little teaser trailer below. It looks pretty cool and hopefully we'll be seeing some more characters coming over the horizon soon. Along with that there is news of longer missions which is a good thing I guess. Some of the missions in the original were ridiculous short, like go see this guy or kill 5 of these and such. Delivery quests and kill so many of these quests do get a bit boring after so many of them. I'm kind of interested to see how they are going to kick it up a notch.

There has been a couple things mentioned about this by Paul Hellquist, one of the designers for BL2, he says:
"The story missions in Borderlands 2 are about 3 times the scope of a single story mission in the first game. And they twist and turn throughout; your gameplay is changing, your goals are changing... it will be a much more dynamic experience compared to last time."

"Lots of fans and critics gave us the business on the story. When we took a look at what we had done last time, we said, 'we can do way better than that'... So the story has been, from the very first day, one of the most important things that we wanted to improve in Borderlands 2."

I reckon from the first quote about how the gameplay and goals are changing, you can actually fail missions which would change the story and what happens next, which would be pretty cool instead of the whole go back and keep trying until you finish it deal most rpg type games have you do. This is another game thats definately going on the list.