Friday, 12 August 2011

Games I'm looking forward to

There is a few games I am looking forward to which are coming out. Believe or not Modern Warfare and Battlefield aren't in that list, which I'll probably get them eventually but I couldn't really care about getting them on day one.
What I am looking forward to first off is Rage. I have been a massive fan of id since the original doom and quake. From the trailers and videos I have seen of it, it looks frankly quite amazing graphically at least, and as pretty much every id game I have played I have liked I will get it and hopefully it will be a new id brand and sit quite happily along side Doom, Quake and Wolfenstein.
Next game I want is Serious Sam 3, I love this franchise, there is nothing better than mowing down shit tons of enemies. There isn't really much to say about this game, it's just frantic gun fire all the time. you can't go wrong with it really.
Another one is The Baconing, it's a small indie hack and slash type game which is the third installment of the Deathspank series. If you have never played it you should totally go and play one of the first 2 games. I would say the first is the better of the 2 but the second is still pretty good in its own right.
Last one I am going to mention atm is already released but I have yet to have a shot on it. It is Red Faction Armageddon, I realise it didn't get the best of reviews and THQ have pretty much said they're done with the series now because it didn't success in the first couple of months. They must realise we are in a global recession and not everyone can afford to buy every single game on the day of release. Games are meant to be a long term investment. There are games I want from years ago I have yet to buy and down the line when I have the funds I will buy them. To call the game a failure within a couple of months is frankly stupid. I'm a fan of the previous Red Faction games, granted Guerilla took a little getting used to but when I got past the whole 3rd person aspect I quite enjoyed it. Anyway I've rambled on for enough at the moment. I'll be posting about the fore mentioned games later with whatever news happens to come along about them.