Monday, 22 August 2011

PC Gaming Is Not Dead

PC Gaming is not dead and to prove it Razer have something something up there sleeve, what it is I don't know but keep the 26th of August in your date book. The website they put up is just a loop of a computerised voice with very vague details on what this is about. Maximum PC think it may be related to the Razer Switchblade. Kbmod has a couple of theories aswell. I also noticed it is the same date as a PC release of the new 'Deus Ex' game on Steam so may have something to do with that (although that is the Euro release date, so I dunno). This has got me intrigued and I will be keeping an eye to see what the hell this is about. It's good to see more people defending the PC side of gaming rather than shunning it because consoles will make them more money *cough* Epic *cough*