Friday, 12 August 2011

The Origin Matter

EA have annoyed alot of folk recently with the whole pulling their games from Steam. The few games they have removed I'm not to fussed about anyway so makes no difference to me anyway. There seems to be much debate on the actual reasons behind this, they are essentially just doing what Valve did all those years ago with Half Life 2. Everyone hated Steam when it first came out now 5 years later they seemed to have fought there way into the majority of PC gamers hearts. EA seem to be doing the same thing granted a few years to late. While it is easy to point out the flaws in a system, which I have quite a list of. I am writing a pros and cons list I will actually post it later when I've used Origin properly, ie bought games, got friends etc on there, most of the cons so far are pretty much layout of the whole thing. I am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt and give them time to sort stuff out considering they are still just in a beta at the moment. One thing that has been mentioned though is the bit in the Terms of Service about how if you haven't used your account/games for over 2 years you may lose. That is the same principle of me going out buying a Dvd for example then me not watching it for a couple years and the producers coming into my living room and taking it off my shelf and telling me if you aren't going to watch it regularly you can't have it at all. Now you have to go buy another copy. It's not right.