Thursday, 11 August 2011

Rambling just to get me started.

So basically I've been thinking about starting a gaming blog for god knows how long to ramble on about games I've been playing or one that are coming out and anything else I care to rant about at the time.. I may move on to youtubing some point down the line but anyway I digress. I don't really know what I'm going to talk about in this one tbh, I'll end up typing until some sort of topic comes out. Future posts will most likely be a bit more thought though.

One thing that has been annoyed as of late is the fact that trying to use a playstation controller on PC is such a fucking faff to get working due to first off that there doesn't seem to be any official Sony drivers for them. When I did get the controller working in the windows settings would it work in games? Hell it wouldn't. Lucky I had some spare moolah about so instead of getting pissed off with sony I just went and bought a xbox controller, which works without a problem. At the end of the day I just did that mainly as I'm quite lazy and prefer going with the easy option. Anyway my point being I should be able to use whatever controller I like on my computer. I mostly blame sony for not having drivers but it makes sense for MS to not give a crap about any controller that isn't by them. But it should be about the customer and making things easier for them.

All this to play some GTA4, have had the game for ages but haven't actually played it yet. It's steams fault I constantly buy games on special and end up having a massive backlog of games. Anyway as we're on about GTA4 that's going to lead me on the GFWL. While everyone seems to complain about it and how it's not as good as steam and it's crap and all that shibbang, its frankly not as bad as everyone makes it out to be. Granted the desktop client is frankly pretty poor but the ingame aspect is really quite decent or at least in my experience of it anyway. They still need to work on it and release more games for it, eg halo gow and other xbox exclusives. That would be a start of getting back at least some of the pc community. Anyway I'm tired and kinda losing concentration on what im rambling on about so I'm going to finish it now. Next time I'll have some better prepared stuff to talk about but if I hadn't started this now I wouldn't of done this for even longer.