Wednesday, 17 August 2011

My mascot

Well I've been throwing ideas around for what my banner/logo for this site should be. I ended up with an idea about a Mascot which happens to be a pig. A pig? Yes. A pig. Why a pig you ask? Basically the intials of the site is p.o.g but I couldn't think of anything that would relate to that. Then I thought p1g, P1G looks like pig and the idea was born. This pig has now be named and will forever be known as Paul. He was named by my friend Nathan (who owns I know a shameless plug but nevermind). I said he could name him if he helps me design him and the banner. So he gets photoshop and to name my pig, I get a pig and a pretty picture to go up top there. So far what he is going to look like is still in the works, Nathan suggested making him out of the letters P1G (yes I know 1 isn't a letter, not my point). It sounds like a good idea, I'm not sure how it's going to work I can't picture it, I'm interested to see how it would work actually it sounds pretty cool. I'm kind of thinking a cartoonish pig, sunglasses, quite bright coloured t shirt im thinking yellow all within a circle of some sort. I'm going to start doodling and see what I come up with. Anyway I'm going to bed now.