Monday, 15 August 2011

More on The Baconing

Just came across an interview with Mike Inglehart, a producer at HotHead games, about The Baconing: The 3rd Deathspank game. If you haven't heard of Deathspank go google it or something, it's a great game. Anyway check out the interview here as he talks a little about the game, with some random bearded guy with a microphone. The game starts off with Deathspank sitting around, bored out his skull and decides to put on all 6 Thongs of Virtue which summons an evil version of himself creating the Anti-Spank. To defeat the Anti-Spank he has to find the Fires of Bacon and burn each of the Thongs of Virtue in said Bacon Fires. Doing that will weaken the Anti-Spank allowing Deathspank to kill him. If you have never heard of Deathspank that will sound 10 times more ridiculous than it actually is.