Saturday, 13 August 2011

Hard Reset Trailer

Hard Reset have a new video out its a comic storyline trailer, it is looking quite good the last game I think I played with a kind of comic type storyline was XIII way back in the early 2000's. There may have been others but I can't think. Anyway I haven't played all that many games with a comic like story/cutscenes which by the looks of this vid is going to happen with this game. It is looking like it is going back to fps roots and having a good old fashion shooter none of this modern war games that seem to of taken the stage as of late. I've got nothing against war simulators but we need a bit of variety and to bring fun back to gaming rather the onslaught of your CoDs and Battlefields. We need mindless violence, which we have started to see coming back with the likes of Bulletstorm and Duke, We have a few coming up in the future aswell. One I am looking forward to is Serious Sam I believe I already mentioned that in a previous post.  Anyway I've got off track here but yeah Hard Reset is starting to take form and I for one welcome it. Anyway I'm leaving links to the videos in this sentence.