Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Lawsuit to be settled with a game of Quake?

You heard me right. Bethesda are currently in battle with the guys who made Minecraft over a new game coming out named 'Scrolls', which they think is to close to the name 'The Elder Scrolls', one of there most popular games, there is a little about the case here. I think it's quite ridiculous to be honest. Are they going to go after anyone that uses 'Elder' as there game name or even 'The'. Its quite frankly stupid. Anyway Notch, the Minecraft guy' challenged Bethesda to a game fo Quake 3 to solve the lawsuit. If Bethesda wins the name will be changed from scrolls to something else if they lose however they must drop the case. Full Details Here. I do hope Bethesda take up the challenge. I want every video game lawsuit to be resolved by playing video games. It would be a much better world if that were to happen.