Saturday, 13 August 2011

Bungie Employee Kicks Ass

Not stricktly gaming news but tis cool none the less. Bungie employee Jeff Fletcher was just on his way to an atm to pick up some cash. At the same time a fight was breaking out near by, allegedly over a drug deal which lead to guns being fired. One of the gunmen ended up cheesing it in the direction Jeff was in. So what does he do, he lies in wait hidden behind the atm machine waiting to take his move, when the fore mentioned criminal approaches he jumps out in front of him and points his own gun at the gunman and tell him to drop to the floor which in turn he does so. By the time the police arrive Mr Fletcher has the criminal is already searched, cuffed and sat on the floor waiting to be picked up by the police. We need more people like Jeff people who won't just sit back and let things happen right in front of them and be all "meh not my job". People who will stand up in the name of good.