Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Deus Ex primed for PC.

The new Deus Ex game is due to be released to us in the not to distant future, I am looking forward to this aswell, I very much doubt it will be a day 1 purchase but it's on the list none the less. This is just about how they are actually making the PC version an actual PC version and not just some console port like alot of developers do. We will be getting be seeing full DX11 compatibility along with support for AMD's Eyefinity (which is use of multiple monitors) and also 3DHD, if you happen to be rich enough to own a 3D monitor or tv already. Looks like PC gaming is finally coming back around and getting a bit more loving attention that it truely deserves as it has been sat in the shadows for awhile now. I guess both main consoles are getting a little dated so the logical step would to turn back to PCs with there ever evolving tech.