Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Terraria nearly as popular as Modern Warfare 3

I came across an interesting piece over at PCGamer. It shows player stats for Modern Warfare 3 and Terraria on Steam. Since the release of the 1.1 patch of Terraria at the beginning of the month, the small indie game has been giving MW3 multi player a run for it's money. It's good to see a little indie title up with the big boys of gaming. If you haven't played Terraria or don't know what it is, think 2D Minecraft. I bought this game ages ago when it was on special and never really played it until this patch came out. I've really got in to it and put about 20 hours in to the game in a matter of a few days. I suggest picking it up if you haven't done already it's only £6 on Steam and I'd say it's definitely worth it. If you like building games and killing stuff this game is for you. Also the soundtrack is pretty cool as well.