Monday, 12 December 2011

Modern Warfare 3 makes $1 Billion in record time.

Love it or hate it, it must be doing something right. I am not the greatest fan of the series, but the fact that it breached 1 billion dollars in a matter of 16 days after it's initial release date.

This is the fastest any media product has reached this milestone, beating Avatar which held the title at 17 days to get to the 1 billion marker, which is still damn impressive in it self.

I have played CoD games in the past I can see the appeal as they all are easy to pick up and play. I don't like them due to the health regeneration system in place. I prefer games where you have a set amount of health if you lose it you die, not this whole 'you can suck you thumb behind this car for 10 seconds and magically your cured' system they have in place with a lot of games these days. It makes the game far to easy, which I guess is why it appeals to a lot of people. It makes it easier for anyone no matter there experience playing shooters able to play the game with at least some what of a chance of not dying constantly. Anyway I'm gonna stop there before I get in to a full blown rant about why I'm not a fan and actually congratulate Activision, because like the game or not, this is one hell of an achievements.