Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Killing Floor Steam Sale

Killing Floor is a pretty cool little co-op survival game and it happens to be on sale on Steam for the low, low price of £2.24 which is 85% off the usual cost. You can also buy the DLC along with the game for the slightly more expensive (and I use that term loosely) price of £3.21. The DLC is just different character skins it doesn't actually add anything to the game except you can have your guy looking different. I refuse to any DLC of that nature as that kind of stuff should just be unlockable in the game but I'm not going to get in to that rant right now.

Anyway if you haven't played the game, what a new game to waste some time or hell if you have have 3 quid spare laying about I would suggest picking it up. It's great fun especially if you play with some buddies and organise your strategy to survive, you will need one especially on the harder difficulties. You will easily get your moneys worth out of this game. I realise that's not saying much as it's £3 but my point is it's a decent game and worth the buy.