Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Nuclear Dawn Mapping Contest

The guys at Interwave have announced a Nuclear Dawn Mapping Contest. The contest as you may have guessed is a map building one, letting modders and map makers show off their skills and hopefully get their level included as an official map in a future update of the game. Should you happen to win this competition, not only will your level become an official Nuclear Dawn map, you will also gain 1000 US dollars, you will also receive full credit in game and on the website, as part of the Nuclear Dawn team. For any aspiring video game designer, that would be a nice addition to your CV (resume). The winner will be selected with a public vote by the Nuclear Dawn community.

The competition starts on February 18th and runs though until June 25th, with the voting taking place in the two weeks after the final submission date. To take part you have to create a post in the contest forum for your map, introducing yourself and your team, along with some details of you map. Everything you need to know is in the link above. It's good to see the Interwave guys taking an interest in their games community and getting them to help them along their way. Other developers should take a page out of these guys book and let the people who play your game help you. Prime example of this is Valve, the amount of custom maps and levels the Valve community have made is frankly ridiculous and it has helped there games stay popular after all these days, that and the fact they actually still update their games years after release. Interwave seem to be doing the same kind of thing, they have had a number of updates since it's release and are planning more.

Anyway all you modders and mappers out there, you have about 4 months to get a map finished for this. I look forward seeing what comes out of this. I can see us getting a whole bunch of new custom maps as well as a new official one as well.