Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Games I have been playing.

So it's the end of the month and with it another post of me rambling on about what games I've been playing since the last time I did this. To start things off I am still playing Payday: The Heist (which I still need to finish writing up on here I'm about halfway done but keep getting distracted by other things, I'll try get it up soon). It is seemingly getting more popular. A number of people on my Steam friends list have now bought it, more than likely due to the recent Steam sales. I love this game it's great and I suggest you pick it up if you haven't already, I've put a good 60 hours in to it already and at £15 I feel I've got more than my moneys worth out of it already.

I gave the new Jurassic Park game a download recently as well whether you will like it or not depends entirely on how much you like quick time events. I happen to like them I feel it adds to the immersion of the game but that's just me.

Next on the list is Titan Quest, it's a pretty old game now as it was released back in 2007. I got it ages ago when I bought a THQ pack during a Steam sale at some point, and have up until now had only played a couple hours of it when I first got the game then more than likely got distracted by other games. I have got properly in to it this time round and am quite enjoying it. It's got a kind of Diablo type feel to the game. I'll admit it's not the greatest game in the world but it's pretty cool and easy too get in to. I'm about 20 hours in and am up to level 25, I believe the level cap is 65 so I've got a while to go yet. It's one of those games you can either play little by little doing a quest or two every time you play or you can easily get sucked in and play for hours at a time.

There is only a couple more games I have been playing first one is Serious Sam 3. I have been looking forward to this game ever since I heard it was coming out. Saying that I haven't played all that much of it so far. I have played a good few hours, I have died a lot and not got too far yet as I am playing on Hard, I am glad I didn't choose Serious though. At times it is quite ridiculous, but it is fun, it is challenging and it will take up a lot of my time over the coming months.

Last game I am going to mention is a small indie game which has taken up far too much of my time under the name of The Binding of Isaac. It's quite a strange little dungeon shooter, the levels are all randomly generated so each time your play it will be a different level, unless you play the game so many times it starts to repeat itself but that would take an extremely long time. Anyway it's strangely addictive and for a few quid you can't really go wrong with it.

I lie about the last game being the last game for this post. I found Psychonauts going cheap during the last Steam sales and picked it up for £3 I think it was. Anyway if you haven't heard of it you should check it out. Here's a trailer for it.