Saturday, 19 November 2011

Jurassic Park: The Game - First Thoughts

Telltale Games have recently put out another Jurassic Park game. To be honest they aren't the developers I would have picked to make the game considering their game history of point and click games like Sam + Max and Monkey Island.

The game starts off with a cut scene of some woman getting tracked down by some dinosaurs, in which you have  a number of quick time events to do to dodge them and get away. This game happens to be all quick time events like Heavy Rain I guess would be the last game I can think of that uses this type of gameplay. So this is more of an interactive movie than a game. It can get quite frantic at times with the need for good old fashion button bashing goodness. If you aren't quick enough you can die quite nastily. There is one point in the first chapter where you are trying to shoo a baby triceratops back in to it's enclosure, just as you have it back in and nearly have the dino back in with use of the car horn and lights, you piss off mummy and it comes charging at you and knocks down the gate which traps you underneath, so you have to frantically button bash your way out from under the gate on top of you before before mother dino comes and crushes you to death by walking over the gate. There is a fair amount of different ways this game can kill you. 15 of which are shown on this video courtesy of

I wasn't sure what this game would be like as it was coming from Telltale. It is actually pretty good so far, I've played maybe a couple hours now and only stopped to write this up. I would suggest using a controller over keyboard and mouse if you pick it up on PC as I did, as button bashing is a hell of a lot easier with a controller. It is also available on Xbox and Playstation as well so if you get it for console ignore the last sentence. I realise there are a lot of big titles coming out at the moment so no doubt this game will be completely over looked by most people. But if you see it on sale or if you have a spare £20 with nothing to spend it on. I suggest giving it a shot.