Monday, 5 September 2011

Black Ops

Steam just had a free weekend of the Black Ops multiplayer. So not having really played it except a couple times round friends, but I've never got into the whole Call of Duty scene, Anyway I spent a few hours trying it out properly. Firstly it is so easy to pick up and just play, the maps are really quite simple to figure out. The controls (after a little tweaking to suit me) are well just like every shooty type game in existence so again easy enough to get used to. I never really got into it because of the whole having to level up to actually get better weapons. I played for maybe 5-6 hours or so over the entire weekend and got up to level 15 and unlocked a decent amount weapons and other stuff. Doesn't really take to long at all to unlock the content. I realise there is obviously still a lot more to unlock but within the few hours I played I unlocked enough to get decent class layouts. I'm not going to deny that is a decent game, pretty fun and easy enough to plug in and play. But is it worth the pricetag they put on it? No I wouldn't say so. It's what? £40 new, I'd probably get it if it was say £20-25. It's good but it's not 40 quid kind of good, well maybe if you got the map packs for free, like they should be.