Thursday, 22 September 2011

Gun game is official game mode in new CS:GO

The popular mod for Counter Strike is become an official part of the newest rendition of the game. Valve have named two "new game modes"; Arsenal: Arms Race and Arsenal: Demolition. What these two new modes will entail is yet to be seen, I am guessing 'Arms Race' will be your standard gun game, as for Demolition I am not sure. Anyway these two modes will be accompanied by eight new maps, some screen shots said maps can be found here. Valve have also got the creators of this fun little mod on board to help them along with development as well. A mod of a mod getting backed by a big named company like Valve is quite an achievement those guys, saying that gun game has been immensely popular since it's first incarnation back in the days of the original CS and has been used in other games such as Black Ops, so it does make sense for Valve to do this. I hope they do the same with team death match and possibly surf as well. Whether they do or not these will no doubt be making a reappearance when the game is released.