Friday, 30 September 2011

Games I have been playing.

So I am bored and not got much to do so I decided I'd do a post on here about games I have been playing recently. I might do this every couple of weeks or once a month, if anyway it will be a record for me of what I have been up to.

I have got a bit nostalgic lately and broke out some emulators, only Nintendo ones at this moment in time, I have been thinking getting a Genesis one for road rash and of course some Sonic, I'll get it soon it's on the list.  Anyway the game that has had most of my attention the past week or so has been pokemon, yes I know I'm sad but the game is quite addictive. I started off on an updated version of the original red pokemon for the Gameboy Advance which is the same game but with fancy new (well old now but new back then) graphics but still pretty good for a handheld of its age. But due to the fact I have completed that game numerous times, I though I would give one of the many other pokemon games a shot. So I found myself downloading pokemon emerald which is quite good and I've put a good 4-5 hours into it already. The best part of it that I have come across so far is a pokemon called Lotad, I'm sure that's what it's called but can't honestly remember as I named him Steve and that is what the game refers to it as, anyway getting to my point when it evolved it turned into a stereotypical mexican called Lombre and I found it hilarious when it changed. So Steve the mexican is a pokemon. I am far to easily amused. Along side playing some gameboy, I also broke out the snes, so far I haven't really played much other than Final Fight (which I still can't beat after many years of trying) and Mario Kart.

The past couple weeks have mainly been emulator based and before that was pretty much my Dead Island play through but yesterday I started on the shooter games again. After a couple games of team fortress, I realised I kind of sucked at aiming as I hadn't been around many guns lately. So as I do every time my aim is frankly none existent, I booted up Quake Live for some instagib practice, within a few matches my aim was getting back up to scratch. I recommend this game if you ever want to improve your aim, it does wonders, you either learn to aim and move or die a lot. I will probably keep on at Quake for maybe the next week, give or take, then move onto some other shooters, more than likely a Valve title of some sort. I am thinking some Counter Strike is probably going to be on the agenda as it has been far to long since I last played.