Wednesday, 14 September 2011

'People don't understand that the PC is more powerful'

The guys at DICE have came out with this comment in a interview between themselves and eurogamer, to explain why the PC will be Battlefields lead platform. I call bull shit on this comment. They expect us to believe the majority of people don't get that a platform that is upgradable, and therefore able to keep up with tech as soon as it is released, is obviously going to be more powerful than consoles that were designed what 5 years ago? Granted it's good to see that more companies are developing for PC and I'm not knocking that. I am having a go at the fact this comment implements that we are all to stupid to realise the fact that PCs have the potential to be 10x better than consoles and have been for years. They need to give us some credit. Hell, the majority of people I know even those who aren't computer savvy realise PCs can be upgraded making them potentially better tech wise than consoles.