Friday, 30 September 2011

Happy Birthday Nintendo 64

Today (29th September not 30th as the post says, I was 20 minutes too late with posting this) the Nintendo 64 turns 15, next year it will be legally old enough to have sex. Anyway while I never actually owned one myself as I was more of a Sega fan back in the day and I still have hopes they will one day get back into the console market, any one that says it will never happen can go away because no matter what you say you will never burst my bubble on this subject. Anyway back to the matter at hand, like I was saying I never physically owned a N64 but a friend of mine all those years ago did and so long as I was Yoshi I could kick any ones ass on Mario Kart, this stands for every version of the game by the way. It was a great little console and I want to wish it a happy birthday and what would a birthday be without cake, as I am pretty sure N64s can not eat actual cake and even if they could it would make a terrible mess. So I give this virtual cake to Nintendo 64 in celebration.