Friday, 9 September 2011

Call Of Juarez

I finally got round to giving the latest game in the Call of Juarez series The Cartel. When I first heard of it all those months ago, I assumed it would be another old western shooter like the previous games. It's not, it's based on the US government agencies going after a Mexican drug cartel. I liked the last game with it's western setting, it's a shame this one didn't follow suit. The game does seem to play (excluding the car rides) very similar to Bound in Blood. There are a few annoying aspects in the game though the fact that if you don't keep to the exact line the mission wants you to take you get game over for leaving the mission zone, I found this out by trying to flank some bad guys and suddenly got a game over screen.  Also if you kill too many civilians it game overs you aswell this was found out in a car park shootout and I shot a couple many pedestrians behind a car. So you actually have to pay attention to who your shooting and not just kill everyone that gets in your way. The voice acting of the npc's that tag along with you are quite annoying aswell they keep having ago at you if your aim isn't up to scratch, then if you end up killing them all before they get a shot in they make some corny line about how you don't have to do it all by your self. It's the exact same line ever time, it gets annoying. The game seems alright and the storyline is okay, I can see me getting quite pissed off at the things I mentioned as the game progresses. It's not the Call of Juarez I was expecting but it's not bad. If they make another one, I do hope they go back to western style like in the previous games.