Thursday, 5 January 2012


Dreamkiller was on offer on Steam for £1.75 (Usual price £6.99) so I decided to pick it up. I did attempt to play this a couple years back when Steam had a free weekend for it but my then crappy computer couldn't run it properly.

This is a weird little FPS. You play as Alice Drake who has the ability to go into peoples minds and destroy their fears from within. After a short intro video introducing Alice (below) it starts you in the mind of some one suffering from Arachnophobia and you guessed it, you have to fight your way through hordes of giant spiders and finally killing a huge evil spider boss thing at the end. Doing so cures him of his phobia. Each level you enter the mind of someone with a different phobia which you cure by killing things. Which is always a good way to fix problems. It is an interesting twist on the standard 'get guns and go kill stuff' side of the shooter genre.

It does seem to be influenced by the likes of Painkiller, Serious Sam and those kind of games. I feel it should have more than the three difficulties that the game has: Bad Dream (Easy), Nightmare (Normal) and Insanity (Hard). Nightmare isn't all that difficult as I finished the first level without coming close to dying, where as Insanity is quite ridiculous and I died 2-3 times on the first part of the first level and numerous times after that as well. I think Insanity should be the 'Serious' difficulty (a la Serious Sam) and have a less brutal difficulty between Insanity and Nightmare. The AI isn't exactly the greatest but I guess as the levels progress and you face harder and more numerous foes it is less noticable, it's more when there are not many enemies about.

Overall it is a fun little game and for the few quid I did spend on it. I'm more than happy with it.