Wednesday, 4 January 2012

EA ban SWTOR players for 'Exploit'

It seems EA are wielding the ban hammer in their new Star Wars mmo. The reason? Design flaws. Apparently low level characters can do a chest run in a 40+ area resulting in loot for those that dare it. So instead of doing the reasonable thing and patching this flaw out. You know like most other mmos would do. Put some enemies near the chests which would kill them or lock the area for lower levels, they throw around bans and warnings. Most game have or have had design flaws which allow people who find them to exploit them. But in this day and age we have the ability to easily distribute patches to the masses that play these game. Patches with could easily solve this problem and not make people lose out on the money they pay to play this game. I don't agree with this at all. Welcome to the world of mmos, if people find flaws in designs and take advantage of it while they can before it's patched, it's happened in many well known ones such as WoW and Guild Wars, the game ecomony all ways balances its self out over time as the players control it.

By the logic they are using there power levelling should be a bannable offence as well as the low levels will be in high level areas getting you guessed it high level loot. Meh I don't really care anyway as the next MMO I am getting is Guild Wars 2. But is finding flaws really a bannable offense? I wouldn't say so. If people find out about them, the developers will as well. Which leads to them patching it which leads to less flaws which leads to a better game in general. So does it matter that a few people get a little extra from this? No. Ecomonys in mmos always fluctuate. The sooner they learn that the better. The loot in the chests will be quite high in price at the moment but as more and more people get to that stage in the game it will cancel it out. It's how these things work ffs.