Thursday, 26 January 2012

Next Gen Xbox Might Not Support Used Games

This is only rumoured at the moment but I know a fair amount of people that would be pushed away from buying an Xbox (I refuse to call it a 720 because I very much doubt it will be called that) if this is the case. This would also hurt small video game stores that rely on renting and selling used games as their primary source of income. There is a couple of them in my town. Would be a shame for them to lose out on business due to some harsh policy on Microsofts end. I know exactly the reason behind this and it is the likes of EA and other such companies that are against the sale of used games because they won't get a cut. Which is the exact reason we are starting to see an rise in the likes of online passes.

If this is to happen they will need to drop the price of games brand new or I can see a lot of people taking their gaming needs elsewhere, be it Playstation, Nintendo or anyone else that decides to make a move in the console market (I mention the latter point as I read an article the other day about Neo Geo making a comeback with a portable device, this is again just rumoured but if they start off with a portable device I see no reason they can't come out with a full fledged console). A lot of gamers rely on used games to actually be able to afford all the different games they want to play.

Now for a little bit of good news about Microsofts latest console. First of all it is to be believed that the next Xbox will be six times as powerful as the current gen counterpart, which I find believable as the 360 is sitting on some dated tech, the thing came out in 2005 and technology has evolved a lot since then. It will also be stepping up on the disc format used,  from DVD to Blu-ray, which to be honest is the obvious thing to do as Blu-ray discs can hold up to 5 times as much data as DVD's. It may also be used as a DVR giving you the ability to record the media of your choice through your Xbox be it television and films or your gaming experience.

And lastly whether you like it or not Kinect is here to stay. I personally am a fan of the technology, and before the masses get out their pitchforks saying how it is a crappy little gimmick. The way they are using now for the likes of crappy dance games, yes, yes it is. However this tech has amazing potential behind it. All they need to do is replace the camera with a projector and we have augmented reality, granted I just made that sound a lot easier than it would be to do that but my point still stands. I don't really care who does this but someone should, be it Microsoft or be it a third party. If that were to happen it would be amazing.