Monday, 23 January 2012

Ofcom aren't happy with ITV's ARMA blunder

If you remember a few months back ITV did a documentary about Gaddafi and the IRA which had a clip of ARMA II used as a IRA film from 1988. While I still laugh at the complete and utter ass-hattery of the whole situation. It appears Ofcom have come back with an official report on the matter which the Guardian did a piece on.

Basically they have said ITV have breached viewers trust and that there were significant and easily identifiable differences between the two piece of footage. I'm not going to go in to a rant about the ridiculousness of this situation as I did that back in September when I first heard about the news. Not that I watched ITV much back then but I now completely boycott them. If they can't see that the footage was obviously not fit for the purpose intended, it shows just how good the TV channel is, doesn't it?