Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Games I have been playing.

I think I didn't do this last month due to being busy with Christmas and New Year and such. I will start off with Nuclear Dawn. I picked it up through the Indie Royale. I did first thoughts post on the game earlier this month. The game has merged FPS and RTS together. When I first heard about I wasn't sure how it would work. You have a commander who plays in RTS view and uses resources gathered by the FPS players to expand their base and build turrets, spawn points and supply depots to help the rest of the team. I've put a good 30 hours in to the game so far and as I was writing this I noticed it has been updated and this patch includes a new map so I will be jumping on the game once I have finished here.  
Next on my list we have Super Monday Night Combat. I recently got into the beta for this game. It is very similar to its predecessor Monday Night Combat which came out a couple years ago. It was a great game but definitely under rated. The game is in beta at the moment and only has one playable game mode at the moment which is damn near the same as the gameplay described below in the video. With a couple of changes that I have noticed. Instead of having to build turrets they are already in place, along with the fact you can not repair them as the support class like you could in MNC. I am hoping they will change that back in later patches. 

I've only got a couple more. The first of which is Sven Coop. It is an old Half-Life coop mod, in which you can play through the original Half-Life game, other single player mods such as They Hunger and Opposing Force along with literally hundreds of custom maps and original levels made purely for the mod itself. Lastly I have started a complete Half-Life series play through starting with Half-Life obviously then I will venture on to Blue Shift and Opposing Force before making my way to city 17 and work through Half-Life 2 and it's episodes.